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We are Bel-Technology, incorporated with a sole vision of building trustworthy customer relationship across the globe by delivering quality and commitment...


Creating a window to let the world to get to know you better.

Freshers can apply for PHP, Designing, Business Development Manager...

Search engine optimization

We ensure the dominance of your website in organic search results and attempt to make search results minimum timely and relevant.

Social media optimization

Creating awareness and building a strong social presence for brand,product,event or person on world-wide-web.

Search engine marketing

Strategic key for online success combining both paid search results and organic search results predictive information about users.

Service Offers


Service Offers

Static Web Design

We provide Custom-designed, static website in an affordable way to get your business online. We design each site individually and get your approval on the design so you know in advance what your site will look like.

Prices may vary from
$99 or Rs 5999 to $199 or Rs 11999

CMS Website Design

A CMS website is one where you the client can update the content of the site yourself, without knowing any fancy code or owning extra software packages. It allows your website to grow as needed.

Prices may vary from
$149 or Rs 8999 till $ 1000 or Rs 60000 or more depending on the requirement.

Ecommerce Website Design

Bel Technology provides you a Ecommerce Shopping Cart that makes it quick, easy and affordable to sell your products online. We include everything you need to start selling straight away as well as a custom design to match your business.

Prices may vary from
$299 or Rs 17999 to $499 or Rs 29999

Custom software

Designed specifically for your department or company Owned by you. We can also incorporate features from other software, the end product will be Flexible and upgradeable and Built with industry-standard development tools.

Price may vary from
PhP coded Software's - $5/hr
.Net based Software's - $5/hr
Java Based Software's - $10/hrSend
(per person required by you in the team)

Our portfolio

Creativity begins - Bel Technocrats

We create everything which is in the requirement list of our client. Gives us a 360° edge over others, we cover it all.


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